Yes. I know: There’s more than one way to skin a cat and many WordPress programer are opposed to use pugins in their plataforms because, they said, the web turn slow.

If WordPress has a good optimization, the theme isn’t so heavy, have a good server and all is well minificated, there will not be problems to use plugins. For me is more problematic change code, even if they are few lines because in the plataform updates will disappear. Only will change code (CSS or PHP) in Child themes (how i explained here).

Here you are my Top 5 plugins. I install it in all my projects, just so:


This plugin was mentioned in the first post of this web. It serves to config the WordPress emails and avoid that the messages arrive to SPAM folder. You can set the sender too. Without it all generated mails by the system will appear “Sended by WordPress”.

All In One SEO Pack:

Hated for many people and loved for others. This plugin is essential for me and as its name suggests is a pack for make a correct SEO in all our site. It have advanced functions how Analytics (Google), Webmaster Center (Bing), etc. You can make SEO in pages, post, e-commerce products, etc. Very configurable. Its direct rival is SEO by YOAST. It’s a good plugin too.

JetPack for WordPress:

I have a hate-love-hate relationship with this plugin… “multiplugin” rather. Initially i used, after i stop to use and now i am using again and it’s one of my top 5 for differents reasons. The main one is because it has integrated “Photon” (WordPress official CDN). The post broadcasting to Social Networks is very easy to use and configure too. It’s fantastic. Is true that JetPack can slow down the system a little but no so much. Is an official plugin for Automatic by the way.

WordFence Security:

The payment version of that plugin is perfect and i install it at all my clients with big projects. The little sites or personal blogs with the basic version get enough. From a good firewall to a bug scanner, or system inspector, learning error mode, IP’s blocker or bruteforce preventions.

WP Supercaché:

Many times, if the project isn’t so big, this plugin won’t be necessary but i recommend it. Superchache has a CDN config in the chase that you want use other than PHOTON. Has included a minify code system for JS and CSS files. This option must be used with precaution beacuse isn’t compatible with all themes (above all of themes with the CSS code minified included)

If you have any doubt or need any advice, please write a comment.


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